(J. Tempest - K. Marcello - M. Michaeli - J. Levén - I. Haugland)

Audio sample

So we'll meet again in some lonely-ness, my friend
Who would've ever guesssed it would come to this, my friend
Like a soldier's love you know my heart is true, my love
I will rise again as I ride alone, I know

So baby do you understand, that my world has come undone
Don't you know it hurts so bad, when there's nowhere you belong

When you're wanted (a wanted man)
When you're wanted (a wanted man)

If the winds would change, would it ease my pain, oh Lord
Will I ride on through, with your guidance from above
As I turn around, I see tracks of wasted years
Will I find my peace, will I loose this world to fear

Save me
That's what I am