On the loose

(Film by Staffan Hildebrand, 1985)

Europe and Thomas Erdtman arrive to a city by bus to play. There lives Nina, Joey's ex-girlfriend. Nina works with trains. Currently, she has another boyfriend, Peter, who works in a steel factory. while Nina and peter are going to their respective works, we can listen to "On the loose".

The film was to promote a sindicate, so, the starring wil be involved in many problems on his work.

When Joey arrives, Peter feels jealous, specially when he sees a small kiss between Joey and Nina. Peter argues with Nina, but she told him nothing happend, and he goes furious. And then, the Europe concert starts with the song "Rock the night". During the concert, Peter and Nina argue again.

Later, Peter realizes that his relationship with Nina is broken, and remind their good moments together. "Broken dreams" is the music of that regards. Then he leaves on his car, but, by the way, he finds Joey and Thomas trying to fix their bus. Peter helps them. When he's fixing the bus, Joey, friendly, tells Peter something about Nina. Peter fixes the bus, and he tells Joey "Now you have to conquer America!". And Peter and Joey end up appreciating each other. The film ends with the song "On the loose".

Peter: Tomas Fryk
Nina: Carina Lindström
Frasse: Jerry Williams
Joey: Joey Tempest
Manager: Thomas Erdtman
Europe: Europe