Audio sample

Driving home I saw her on the street
Her dress so tight, yeah she looked so neat
All the boys as they were passing by
They tried to catch that little girls eye
I said to myself, don't it seem like a crime
to think that little girl used to be mine.

They call her little sinner (little sinner)
Cause they can see, she's got the devil in her
Little sinner (call her little sinner)
There's nothin that I wouldn't do
To have a little sinner like you.

It's comin back to me, the times we had
How could something so good, ever get so bad
Yeah, me and Jimmy we got drunk that night,
God knows baby, I didn't do you right.
They say you haven't loved until you've lost
I'll get you back no matter what the cost

They call her little sinner (little sinner)...

Wild, wild days and wild, wild nights
I stood up for you baby, and you were worth the fight
Didn't care about tomorrow...
Cheap red wine, we couldn't get much higher
So reckless and young, full of lust and desire
How could I waste it, I want you so bad I can taste it.

Hey don't it seem like a crime,
To think she used to be mine