(J. Tempest)

Audio sample

The pressure is mounting
I'm ready and counting.
There's something I've got to be.

I'm fearless, I feel it
scared sensless, who needs this?
Still something I've got to be.

There is no going back,
this is what we know.
We've come to entertain
asking you to follow.
We're born to self-destruct,
here comes again
a desire to go down
in flames.

My heart is racing, my legs shaking,
there's more drama in the making.
I had a feeling, this day would come.
So are we real good or just delirious,
but if you stop us now it could get serious.
Sorry mama for what I've become.

There is no going back...

Yoy can turn it off but it never stops,
madness or not.
I'll risk everything I've got.
If I got to do it all over again
I'd still believe in this friends,
and the mess they get me in.

There is no going back...